The 3 P’s of Real Estate

Many agents only do the 3 P’s when they list a home.

  1. Put a sign in the yard
  2. Put it in the MLS
  3. Pray.

This is the old way of thinking. I have my degree in Computer Science and Web Development, so I understand the internet.  It’s a well-known fact that most people today use the internet to search for homes.

  • I take my listings a hundred steps further and get each of my listings on more web sites than anyone has ever tried.
  • I have large social networks of potential buyers that I market to.  I have unique tools driving loads of buyer traffic to my site where I have my listings featured.
  • I get my listings to the top of the search engines for certain key words.
  • I give my listings the most exposure possible and it’s always expanding.
  • I am revolutionizing the way real estate marketing is done, not only here in Stark County, but the nation and the world.

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