Ken and Lisa said some wonderful things about our team

Last spring I visited this wonderful family in Killbuck, Ohio. Their sister, a Realtor from California, saw some of my work in the real estate marketing community and referred me. It was about an hour drive, but what beautiful country! I discussed with them how I market real estate differently and take a proactive approach to listing. Needless to say, we had calls from all over the country for this beautiful mini-farm (link at the bottom). They had tried to sell and even auction their home before and just couldn’t get it sold for a fair price. We were able to sell it to another wonderful family in less than 2 months. Here’s the testimonial they wrote me:

It has been a year since Joey sold our property in Killbuck, Ohio. We wanted to re-locate to California. Wow how time flies when you’re in the process of an auction of your contents, plus selling your home, and also trying to find a home, not to mention a job in another state (yes we did it all backwards). But there hasn’t been one day go by that I haven’t thought about Joey and the others at Whipple Auction and Realty and I have to let you all know out there how absolutely wonderful and caring of a family-run business they are. We had dealt with several other Realtors on this property as well as some others and being that this property was sort of a special type of property to sell we contacted Whipple realty (who are #1 internet specialists in the state of OHIO) and only they were able to get the job done. They all were so great and through it all, God knows, I had a 1001 questions. Joey always was there the minute he heard from us…not 3 days or a week later, I mean immediately. If he was not available to speak to you then someone else from the team was directly with us. No words can possibly express our sincere thanks to Joey and the entire Whipple team. We highly recommend them over any other Realtors we’ve ever dealt with and a year ago or not I had to get this out and let everyone know how truly sincere and wonderful of a family they really are. Thank you Joey and Whipple Realty for everything!
Ken and Lisa Mills

Thank you Ken and Lisa! You are forever in our hearts and I hope California is treating you well. I had a great experience selling for you and it’s so much easier to do my job when I have wonderful clients that believe in me.

Selling specialty and exclusive homes is something I am proud to say we are good at because we look to the nation for our market base, not just locally.

[Click here to see the property we sold for Ken and Lisa.]

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