What you may want know about a property before making an offer on it

Things you may want to know about the property before making an offer:

So you’ve found the property you like and want to make an offer. Great! Here is a list of some pretty important things to find out about the property before submitting an offer. You’ll also want to read my other related posts: “what to ask your lender“, “what to ask your Realtor“, and “what you need to make an offer

  • What is the water source and sewage waste disposal system?
  • Is the property in a flood zone?
  • How much will homeowner’s insurance be?
  • How much are property taxes?
  • How much will I be receiving in tax prorations if we close on XX-XX-20XX?
  • What are the utilities and how much do utilities run?
  • Are there any assessments?
  • Are there any HOA fees?
  • Are there any HOA restrictions or deed restrictions?