Newspaper Article About 2010 Tax Credit

I was quoted in the local newspaper today about the tax credit expiring and how it’s effected our local economy and housing market. Here’s what I said. Link to full story

“It’s kind of a mad rush right now for everybody to get that tax credit,” said Joey Marino, a Realtor for Whipple Financial Services (supposed to be Whipple Realty, that’s our sister company) in Perry Township, who adds that his sales are 50 percent higher than a few months ago as home prices start to rise in the township areas outside of Canton. “I have people calling me, saying they want a contract by the end of April 30th. … I’m selling a majority of my properties right now.”

And it’s true. We are seeing a lot of activity. I think the market is on a rebound and we’ve seen the end of the downward moving prices. Now that the credit has expired, we may see a drop off in sales, but if people still continue to purchase, I think this economy could turn around completely

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