J3 is a genuine, honest guy so if you're looking for a "No BS" type of transaction you will find it here.

Megan calls me J3. :)

I will start off by saying there are a lot of great real estate agents and realtors out there, but very few have the knowledge and patience that Joey had in the whole short sale process our home.

Trisha and Steve

We are currently working with Joe on the purchase of our first home. We chose to work with him over some of the other agents we had spoke to, mainly because he never made us feel like we were a bother to him, We are inexperienced at this process, but […]

Current Clients Jess and Dan

I don't think we could have sold the house, let alone for the amount we got for it, without him.

Devin and Rachel

What you will want to know in order to make an offer. If you're making an offer on a piece of real estate, these are many of the important questions you may want to have the answers to when preparing your offer.

What you should know when making an offer

If you have hired me for a free¬†buyer’s agent, I will likely set you up with a MLS prospective properties cart or “Client Portal” as it’s called. This tool allows me to set up a search for your needs and wants in real estate and email you the results. It […]

How to use the MLS Client Portal in NE Ohio

Sold Home
Sean and Carla buy a wonderful new home for their growing family!

Sean and Carla